Early Years Pupil Premium Funding for Ethelred Nursery School and Children’s Centre

Early Years Pupil Premium Funding is additional funding from the Department for Education (DfE) for Early Years settings to help further improve the educational outcomes for disadvantaged 3 and 4 year olds.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2018/19

Number of eligible children: 


Summer 2018

Autumn 2018

Spring 2019

Number  of children  per term                   




£300.00 per child per year


The main barriers to educational achievement that the disadvantaged children in our school face are:

  • Socio-economic factors
  • Lack of parental skills/capacity
  • Speech and language difficulties/autism
  • Low baseline scores in the prime areas of learning – PSED; Physical  and Communication & Language

We intend to spend the 2018/19 allocation on:

How barrier will be overcome

Success measure



Sensory room resources


Children with ASD have their sensory needs met



Library book resources

Parents using books with children at home and children demonstrating interest at nursery

Class teacher


Individual parent support

Nursery and CC working together and individual needs met

CC Better start workers

Key persons

Cost to school/CC budget

Match funding for Music Therapy

Parents and children learning and working together. Children demonstrating more confidence and initiating learning

Deputy head







Previous Academic Year: 2017/18

Amount devolved for 2017/2018:  £5,035

The following report details how our allocation of £5,035 was spent for the year 1/04/17 to 31/03/18

Activity/focus of service



Expected impact

Additional Meal Supervisor hours to support vulnerable children before/after the lunch time period

Meal Supervisor hours- part costs


To support vulnerable children whose on- entry baselines are below age-related expectations

A higher proportion of children attain age- related expectations in CLL and PSED than indicated by baseline data.

More resilience and independence demonstrated

Music therapy sessions for targeted children who have learning and development needs


Music Therapy tutor - part costs


To engage parents to develop further strategies to support their children at home through an enjoyable and accessible medium that is proven to have benefits.

To develop children’s self-confidence, motivation and persistence

Observed improved parental engagement. Improvement in child’s ability to lead, direct and sustain their own learning


Weekly creative arts enrichment activities delivered by a community artist, to broaden children’s experiences and develop language, PSED, and physical skills


Community Artist costs

To support the development of early language, PSED and physical skills

An Improvement in outcomes for Communication and Language, PSED and fine motor control based on the previous year’s data


The 2019/20 Pupil Premium Strategy review will take place in June 2019. We intend to spend the 2019./20 allocation on:

  • Sensory room resources
  • Improved library book resources
  • Match-funding for Music Therapy
  • TA hours for language groups

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